From executive

Asia Human Community (AHC)

Amako Satoshi
Professor, Waseda University
Director, AHC preparatory committee

Through the fruitful symposiums and workshops that have been held from 2005, we now firmly believe that we, as people who are concerned with Asian human security issues, should think more deeply about the Asian region's various problems and jointly claim them as °»our own problems.°… To begin to solve these issues, it has become clear that there needs to be a permanent place where these issues can be discussed, where ideas can be exchanged, knowledge pooled and practical plans can be proposed.

To that end, I would like to inaugurate the AHC membership system with its own website (this site) where members can come together daily and share information and ideas. In addition, we will hold a joint symposium or workshop at least once a year to create shared awareness of Asian problems and to make joint proposals or suggestions for their solution. As top of this and as well as working with governments, international organizations and other related institutions, we would like to think about joint action between people involved in Asia for specific problem solving measures.

In an individual capacity, and overcoming barriers such as nationality, religion, ethnicity, ideology, wealth, or gender, together we should think seriously about the various problems that face Asia and do work that goes even a little way towards their solution. This is the fundamental principle of participation. We aim to build a high quality human community network where we can speak openly, freely, and frankly in order to overcome the problems with greater tenacity and positive energy.